Feature Requests and Ideas


If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our product, feel free to drop a line here. We regularly review this thread, so it’s the most effective way to make ideas real!


Would be great if the ‘Create HTML from template’ action contains a parameter ‘Culture’ which can be specified.

Value like ‘en-EN’, ‘nl-NL’ or maybe 1033 or 1043.

This because using format strings like ‘{{paramater1:N0}}’ produce English formatted numbers, and we would like to see NL ones so thousands are separated by a dot instead of a comma.


Hi @michel-i4-you,

You are right, there is English locale by default. If we receive more requests like this, we will add this feature.

For now, I can suggest you quite easy workaround.

You can use JavaScript to apply formatting to your numbers. If you generate PDF from HTML it works perfectly. All JavaScripts are executed before PDF generation.


Source object with number:



<html lang="en">
        <div id="num">{{num}}</div>
            function numberWithDots(x) {
               return x.toString().replace(/\B(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, ".");
            var numElem = document.getElementById("num");            
            var num = parseInt(numElem.innerHTML);
            var formattedNum = numberWithDots(num);
            numElem.innerHTML = formattedNum;



It is not the most elegant number formatting JavaScript code. There are a lot of different samples over the Internet.


I’m not sure if it’s possible, but it would be great if there was a Flow Action I could use to disable Comments in a News Page.

We have a site where we collect suggestions. We’re using Actions to strip the Permissions after a new News Page is submitted, but we also have to send an email to Admins so someone can Edit the News page and disable Comments.

I think it’s odd that SharePoint doesn’t allow us to disable Comments on a per-site basis, but the next best thing would be to have a way to automate that change with an Action.


Another Action I propose again revolves around Comments in Site Pages / News Pages. When used, Comments seem really nice but no one is alerted to a new Comment. After adding a few comments and not hearing back, users will quickly abandon using Comments at all. It’s a poor design by Microsoft, though they did provide a REST API.

I would love to see a “New Comment in a Page” trigger in Flow. Ideally this Action would also return the text of the Comment, along with the name of the page Creator and/or Last Modified By (so they could get notified – that is the most likely to be requested). It would be REALLY great if one Flow could monitor the entire Site Collection and not just a single site (since all Site Page and News Pages are stored in the same place in each site anyway)! But that’s probably asking too much! :wink:


Hi @bu11frogg,

Thank you for the ideas! We will consider them for future releases.


I have another suggestion!

During some Flows, I would like to redirect the user’s browser to a static page such as a “Thank You” page in SharePoint, or back to the Home page of the site, or perhaps to a File or List Item that the user just created. So far I have not found a way to get that to work, and several forums have unresolved discussions around this same topic.


Hi @bu11frogg,

Could you clarify, what do you mean by redirecting to another page from Flow? Microsoft Flow doesn’t have access to user’s context in browser? I assume you want to perform some action in user interface (probably SharePoint) and want to redirect user after starting a Flow. Correct?


So, to clarify…this is (in my wild imagination!) what the user would see from their side:

  • Create a new list item, file or page
  • Get redirected to a “thank you” or “next steps” page

In the background, Flow kicks off after the item, file or page is created…does some processing…then sends the user over to the “thank you” page.

But of course you’re right that Flow would have to have access to the user’s browser session and of course it doesn’t.

However, as I’ve been thinking of this there might be other ways such as popping up a notification – but then I think the only notifications Flow has are for email. So I suppose for now, without using email and relying on the user to (A) check their mail, (B) read the message and © click this link…this is just not possible.


Hi @bu11frogg,

For mobile devices, there are also push notifications. You also can send various messages from Flow: SMS, Microsoft Teams messages, email messages, etc.

Anyway, there is no way to display any notification in SharePoint user interface yet. Maybe, they will add ability to push notifications to the notification bar. But I would not count on that.

If you want to display thank you message, you will need to implement custom JavaScript logic on client side (browser) that will trigger a flow by a web request and then redirect a user to some page.


That makes sense – thanks for the response!


Can Plumsail create an action specifically for updating hyperlink columns?

Hyperlinks are comprised of the display text, and the link itself, which isn’t available in any SharePoint OOTB actions, the link (which may be very long) will be displayed. And as usual, they’re in no hurry to address it.

It is possible to get to these properties thru the SP REST API, but the whole process of app registration, authorization, bearer token generation, json parsing, token extraction… ugh. The call itself is simple, 95% of the upfront work is getting authorization to make the API call.

var data = {
‘__metadata’: { ‘type’: ‘SP.Data.TimesheetListItem’ },
‘__metadata’: { ‘type’: ‘SP.FieldUrlValue’ },
‘Description’: ‘Google’,
‘Url’: ‘http://google.com
‘State’: state


Hi @bdc604,

Thank you for your feature request. If we receive more similar requests from our customers, we will implement it.

If it is critical for you, you can drop a message to [email protected] and our paid support will send an estimation for this action.

We can implement universal update list item action. That will accept key value pairs like:
internal field name - value. Thus, you will be able to pass any value to a columns.

For example for hyperlink column you will use value separated by ;#:
http://google.com;#Project Link


Great work addressing a lot of common functions users require that Microsoft simply ignored.

I do have a couple more suggestions for Actions:

  • adding/removing users from permission groups (People and Groups, not Office 365 groups)
  • invitation manager; adding external guest users to site using invitation API


Hi @bdc604,

Actually you already can:

Add users to SharePoint groups
Invite external users to SharePoint groups, sites, list items, documents

At the moment, those actions are not available in the global connector yet. They are in deployment queue of MS Flow team. But you can add them as a custom connector.