5000 item threshold

Is there any automation we can do in order to not exceed the 5000 item threshold?

Hello Mick! In the modern UI, the issue usually does not occur. But if it does, you need to reduce the number of displayed items. As an option, you can add a custom yes-no field, for example "IsDisplayed" and set the default value to "Yes". In the view settings, set or add a filtration rule to exclude the items with the "IsDisplayed" equal to "No". In a Power Automate flow, you can update the properties of the items under certain condition and set the field to "No" when required.

Hi Evgeniy,

I am facing a similiar problem:

  1. If I extract all the tickets from the "tickets" list in excel, I can easily filter by some older entries (e.g. old tickets not yet solved). So i know this ticket exist and I would like to filter by the "assigned to" field. (because it was assigned to a former employee).
  2. If I now filter in the sharepoint list, he does not find it. Neither the "ticket ID" nor the "assigned to".

If I go with the "ticket ID" over the search bar, he insantly jumps into the ticket. The list which I try to filter has no filter in the settings.

May this be linked to the 5000 items problem?
How to solve this behaviour? Because sometimes we need to check / and filter for older tickets?

Hello! Most likely it is the threshold issue but for sure only the Microsoft support can say it. I would advise you to create a custom view for tickets created earlier than a certain date so that it included less than 5,000 items. Then you can try to filter the list in this view.

Okay, that could be a solution if I don't want to find them anymore.
But I want to be able to find/filter them.

You will be able to find and filter the items if you switch to the accordant view. Also, it can be added to a top menu.