Access to SharePoint Online list data via Azure Function

Hello all,
Sadly i had to realize that the given Documentaion is not uptodate.

The Documentation - even if the Azure Portal has changed may still be correct, but the provided code on github is outdated, it seems like a user even has made the necessary updates: Add or update the App Service deployment workflow configuration from … by smjaleel-git · Pull Request #1 · Plumsail/data-source-functions · GitHub

Hello @Paul21,

Thank you for pointing that out! We will review the code and publish update to GitHub.

Hello, @mnikitina did anything happend by now? We would really love to be able to connect our forms with our Sharepoint.

Hello @Paul21,

Sorry, the developers haven't reviewed the code yet.

The code we've shared is just an example. You can create a fork and make the adjustments to the code.