Accidently Deleted a Form Set

I accidently deleted a Form Set in the desktop client. I am however still able to access the form via SharePoint however I am unable to edit it in the client. Is there a way to remedy this?

Dear @cwalter2,
I am not exactly sure what was deleted and how, but you can try to restore an old version of the Form Set with versioning - Restore previous version of SharePoint form — SharePoint forms

All configuration files are stored in the Site Pages > PlumsailForms section, and in files:
{List}_{contenttype}_{FormSetID}.json / {List}_{contenttype}_{FormSetID}.xfds

So the correct form is still available in SharePoint Site Pages:

However the form set is not available to edit in the designer application:

Dear @cwalter2,
You can find the form set settings stored in Site Pages > PlumsailForms as well, stored as:

You can try restoring previous version of this file, or instead, download the schema for the correct form set and import it in the editor, creating the form set again.