Account settings: domain

When I first created my Plumsail account I didn't realize I could set a custom domain for the form links. Now I have created multiple forms that use the default domain that was created based on my account name. I'm considering changing the domain but understand that forms created with the previous domain will no longer work. Is there any way to redirect users with a link to a form using the old domain to the link using the new domain?

Also - a few months back Microsoft started blocking the plumsail domain when a form link was embedded in an email. That issue seems to be resolved now by Microsoft recognizing the domain as valid, but could that problem occur again if I create a custom domain and Microsoft decides it looks suspicious? Or would that only happen if someone reported phishing activity on forms with my custom domain name (not anything I expect to happen)?

Dear @donald.kantik,
If you change the domain, the previous domain links will no longer work. You can avoid this by using generic links with just a form ID in them, like this -

This link will always redirect to the correct domain currently used. As for the links, even the new domain should now be recognized as safe.