Site Settings --> Site Actions --> Manage Site Features --> Plumsail Workflow Actions Pack --> Click Activate

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Before I start looking into the Logs, wondering if this might an issue documented somewhere already.

I have added our .license files on each of the two WFEs

Thanks in advance.

I used the correlation id to find the following:

It looks like a number of modules are looking from information to determine a list.

General 72ix Medium Not enough information to determine a list for module “CreateList”. Assuming no list for this module.

That said, I think the more relevant information is further down. After the general information, that is has as entered the method for calling the ‘FeatureActivated’ method of SPFeatureREceiver for feature ‘Plumsail.WFServices.OnPremises_Plumsail.ActionsPack’, the next message in the log is [quote]Can’t find WorkflowServiceProxy or its service application proxy type name is null[/quote]


Sorry for a delay.

Please make sure that you have Workflow Manager and Workflow Manager Client on your server and they were correctly configured.

More information about installation and configuration you may find in this article:

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Evgeniy Kovalev
Plumsail Team