Add Array Variable into "Create Docx from Template"


I have a SharPoint list with quite a few line (row) items.
I read all items into a "Get Items" step which ultimately gets assigned to a "Array Variable"

When i try to assign the variable to a reference point, it does not allow me.
If the variable is a String, no problem, but not wanting to accept an Array Variable.

Please guide me?


Just too elaborate, trying to add Array Variable into "Create DOCX document from template".

Hello @ArmandBooyse ,

Could you share a screenshot with the JSON and how do you pass the array variable?

How does it finally look in the docx file? Maybe it's better to pass each column to a certain tag into the docx template?

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail team

The tags in the docx is per column cell.

Nothing is being added into the docx


I managed to get it write.
I passed the entire Array to a String Variable.


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