Add CC Email Addresses Using a Trigger

I am trying to add an address to the CC field and I can't seem to figure it out. I can see the trigger being ran but nothing is happening to the cc field. I feel as though I am missing something. Please assist.

Hello, @Daro91

The "Cc" field is a lookup one and it refers to a "Full name" column of a "Contacts" list. So you should specify contacts' names separated by semicolon.



Does this overwrite the names already in the cc field or does it append to the end? If it overwrites, is there a way to maintain what is already there?

The suggested configuration overwrites it. To keep the previous values in the field, use a token {{Ticket.Cc.Title}} - it refers to the current value of Cc. The token means "look at the current item on the 'Tickets' list and check the 'Cc' field. If it's a lookup field, check values in the 'Title' field of a source list." Then after semicolon, add the rest of contacts you need.

Thank you so much for the assistance. It is almost working properly now. The only issue is it seams to add the user I want to be cc'ed twice.

My cc field looks like this: userBeingAdded; userAlreadyCCed; userBeingAdded

Do you mean that using the trigger you got a duplicate of a user in the field?

Using the trigger entered the user I wanted to added twice. He was not CC'ed in the original ticket. I only need him entered once obviously. The other user was someone already CC'ed on the ticket and they appear only once, which is good.

I couldn't reproduce the issue. If I add a contact which is already in the field, there is still one mentioning of him there after running the trigger. Don't you have duplicates of the same contact on the "Contatcts" list? Could you provide me with screenshots of the original state of the ticket, trigger configuration, the resulting state of the ticket after its running and of the "Contacts" list so I could ensure that there are no duplicates of the user.

Anyway, you could set a condition to check whether the contact is not already in the "Cc" field: