Add Column Action In List And Library Control

Can I Add Column Action In List And Library Control ?.

			columns: [
				...More columns,
		   			    title: "Action",
					    template: function(item) {
						             return '<button id="" onclick="FunctionName(item)" >Apply Now</button>'

When i add function into onclick property. It will show the error like this:

How I can implement it correctly? Thanks.

Dear @minh_cuong_le ,
Not sure this would work with adding a new column - columns are being read from the SharePoint List, I'll have to consult with the dev team on this.

But you can definitely customize an existing column! Just add a new Action column to the List View (it can be just empty Single Line column), and customize it's appearance with a template - Customize view of columns in List or Library

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Okay. I hope i will be recieved the answer from you soon. Thanks.

Dear @minh_cuong_le ,
Currently, no option to add a column, if it's not in SharePoint List, but you can use a dummy column as I've described.

If you're interested in adding new columns and would consider paid support, let us know at [email protected] and we could discuss potential implementation.