Add-in Installation (Sharepoint 2016)


We currently have the Org Chart demo installed on our on-prem Sharepoint 2016 farm and we're very happy with it.

We have installed this using one of the farm-wide installation files you provided, however this method wouldn't be allowed going forward.

Our current infrastructure hosts a number of sites which cater to different clients on the same web application and we would like to limit access to this web part per site collection.

As the Org Chart is available on the Sharepoint app store, is there an add-in package available that we could use to install it?

Or does anyone know a way to download the add-in and add to our catalogue?


Hi @hullj ,
SharePoint for the 2016 version is installed on the web applications. You can deactivate the feature on a specific site collection that's not intended to have access to the web part in the site collection settings: