Add items to lookup field dynamically

Hello, I am trying to add 3 default values to a lookup field control. these values only need to show on the form and should not exist in the lookup source list.

When the user selects any of the 3 values i have code that will map the selected value to an existing value in the lookup before saving.

I am wondering if I can edit the array to add my default values?

I tried:

            data: ['value1', 'value2', 'value3']

This will add 3 undefined items to the lookup. I am not sure if this is related to the data array format i am assigning.

Any idea how to get this to work?


Dear @Talal,
Thank you for posting! That's an interesting question, but can you tell us more about your use case? It's just a little unusual, especially, that you'll map these 3 values to some other existing values - how does that work?

Why not create 3 extra values in the source list, or maybe why not show data from other column in the lookup as well, if they are connected in some way?

The lookup list is shared across multiple groups. The list is owned and updated by a central team. this team has strict rules and like to name things in a specific way.
A new team wants to utilize this list as a lookup but they come from a different part of the business and don't agree with the naming convention.

I can probably sync the original list with another list that i can control and make changes there, but was wondering if i can get away with controlling this in the form and not having to maintain another list.

I am also interested in understanding the internal workings of the lookup control in case i need to dive deeper in it in the future.

thanks for your quick response