Add more text options to reply field


Would it be possible to add the strikethrough button to the reply sections?
It looks like you are using the Kendo editor, so it is just adding "strikethough" to the list of tools!

Or if you can't, can you tell us the code that we could put in Plumsail Forms so that we add that button?

Thanking you in advance!

Hello, Jamal.

Thank you for requesting a useful feature. We'll add the button on the bar though there is no due date for now. Anyway, I'll notify you when it's done.

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Looking forward to it being done (hopefully sooner rather than laters as it is litterally an extra word in your code! :slight_smile: )

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Hello! The "Strike through" button is added. Please check it:


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thank you sooooooo much! :slight_smile: