Adding Data Source to Online Forms

I am trying to allow users to submit a ticket from the widget, one of the fields required is an equipment field, this would match a lookup column in the Help Desk. Is there any way to connect to a Sharepoint list in the Help Desk from an online form?

Hello Dustin! To fill a custom lookup field, you need to customise the widget forms according to this instruction. The field added to the custom form should have exactly the same name as the field on the list and should pass an integer. The latter is the source list ID of the item that should be put in the lookup field.

The most simple way to pass an integer is using a number field. But it is not user-friendly. I would advise you to use a drop-down one with human-readable options. Then, using a JS framework, replace the chosen option by an accordant ID. You will need to hardcode the dependencies between string and integer values, because the widget uses public forms and they do not have the integration with SharePoint.

Also, please note that using custom forms for the widget, you get under restrictions of the subscription to Plumsail Forms you have. The free one has rather tough restrictions.

Let me know if you need more detailed instructions on this case or share your ideas on this with which you need help.

Hi Evgeniy! This was very useful but I am working with a list that has hundreds of assets and is very dynamic, It sounds like it would difficult to keep up with hardcoding the dependencies in this case.

I think it is possible to use the SharePoint REST API to retrieve values from the list. I need to consult with the Forms team on this matter and will get back to you soon.

It was not necessary: please check this article and this topic on the problem. You can use the described approach to set the field dynamically.