Aesthetic Issue

Good Morning we have a large form that depending on the status of the item we hide and disable fields, on this form we have a Multi Line Text field that we wish to Disable when a certain status is met. I have done this no problem using


However my issue is how the field the looks when disabled, as you will see from the attached image, there is a grey box placed over the field that isn't quite the same size and also makes the text in the field very difficult to read. While this is not a major issue it does degrade the over all aesthetics of the form. Is there a way to change this?


Hello, @Tony_Duke!

Please paste the following code to the CSS editor.


.fd-form .fd-editor-overlay{
   opacity: 0 !important;

If it won’t help, could you please specify what browser you are using? Do you have any custom CSS in the form?