After pasting in a picture the cursor resets

Hiya @mnikitina

We have a weird issue, in multiple lines of text fields, if you past in an image the cursor goes up to the top of the text field as you can see here:

Is this a bug or is there some code I can input into the form to stop this?


Dear @Jamal_Smith-Graham,
Interesting, thank you for the report! Can't say I'm experiencing the same issue. Perhaps it's a bug that was already fixed.

What's the current version of the editor and of the app package (in the App catalog) that you have?

Hiya @Nikita_Kurguzov

Editor version is: 1.8.3
App Version is:

Dear @Jamal_Smith-Graham,
The editor looks like the most modern version, but the app package could use an update - Update the app package for Plumsail Forms (SharePoint Online) — SharePoint forms

Please, clear the cache after an update and check if the issue persists!

Thanks @Nikita_Kurguzov

Is there a page where we can see the latest app version? So we know if we are up to date or not?

Dear @Jamal_Smith-Graham,
We usually include this information in our emails about the latest updates, but we're also working on making it more obvious. In the future, there would likely be another message in the editor itself.

Cool beans

I just doublechecked and the app version was actually (I put the version number of the Helpdesk app by mistake), in any case, I installed the newest sppkg, done a full empty cache and the issue still persists.

I have removed all Javascript from a form and it still occurs, it happens across all our forms.

Any other things you can think of?

Dear @Jamal_Smith-Graham,
What's the browser you're getting the issue at? Have you tried different browsers?

It happens in Edge, Chrome and Firefox, we haven't tried other browsers, but we are assuming it will be the same with others too.

Dear @Jamal_Smith-Graham,
Scratch what I've said before, seems like in different circumstances I was able to reproduce the issue. Seems like a bug that needs to be fixed! I'll pass the info to our dev team, should be addressed soon!

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Thanks Nikita! :slight_smile: