Alerts for Submission or Storage Limit

Is there a way to setup e-mail alerts when the submission limit or storage limit for my plan is close to the limit? As it stands today, the user is the first to be notified when they try to submit once the limits have been reached. Is there a way to do that in Plumsail? Or do I need to create processes to track for that on my end?



Hello @kfarren,

Welcome to Plumsail Community!

We are currently working on the implementation of the email notifications about the new submissions and storage limit, but there is no estimation date yet.

As soon as this functionality is available, I will let you know.

The account page includes an option to enable e-mail alerts. Is this functional? I just hit the limit w/ these alerts enabled, but I didn't get a notification?


Hello @kfarren,

Yes, the email notification is working. But currently, we have temporary issues with sending emails. The emails are delivered with the delay. I'm sorry about that.