All Forms loading very slow - SharePoint license check?

When I am accessing my Plumsail forms I have created, me and some of my users are having issues. The form is loading VERY slow, it does eventually load but not for almost a minute.

I have the same problem . IT Tales almost 30-60 s to load. Dashboard does not work completely. We have big problems with our systems because of that.

Dear everyone,
The current issue is that Microsoft has blocked our main account due to a phishing report on one of our public web forms. The phishing issue was known, and we were taking measures to combat it, but it seems that Microsoft has taken matters into its own hands.

Unfortunately, all of our services were deeply integrated with the main account, and we didn't expect it to be completely blocked with no warning. We're currently transferring services to our reserve accounts (this will take time), and we're also contacting Microsoft's support to resolve the matter with the main account. As soon as there is any progress - we'll let you know!

If you can, please, contact Microsoft on this matter - this might speed up the process!

You can ask to re-evaluate and enable our Azure subscription as it contains business critical services: 92bdd511-0d24-49e1-a22f-21613cb66249

Azure Support Request ID:

Dear everyone,
SharePoint Forms should now be available! We're working on bringing public web forms up as well!

Now the forms are not loading at all.....

Dear @Cariann,
Can you try it in Incognito mode? We've changed the DNS records, so it may take some time to provision them everywhere - might be faster for some users, but could take time to reach you.

I apologize for the inconvenience.