Allow editing depending on current user

I'm looking for a way to allow the editing of fields depending on the current logon.
So what I want to establish is this. when I logon I should be able to change some fields on the form, but when another user logs on, he should not be able to edit the field.

Son in other words I would like to create an administrator account for the list



Hello @FransKluijtmans,

You can create a separate form for administrators using Form Sets.

Please see more information and set up instructions in 'Form Sets' documentation.

Hello @mnikitina

Thanks for your reply. I tried this, it works at least with some tweaking.
We are using Active Directory groups for giving users access to SharePoint assets. These AD groups are member of the corresponding SharePoint groups. When using this setup, it does not work. When I add a user directly to the SharePoint group it works as expected. Any idea how to solve this?




Routing is checking user's membership by Sharepoint Groups, not by AD groups.

You need to add a user directly to the SharePoint group to make routing work.

When you need to design forms that are almost identical for different groups, and you don't want to use the form sets, you can manipulate fields dynamically depending on groups the current user belongs to.
For instance, when you need to hide a few fields from all users except the users of a certain group.

Please see the example in the 'Make a form dynamic based on user's membership' article.