Api key doesnt specify what type it is

I keep getting this error when i run a flow:


“request”: {

“url”: null,

“traceId”: “0HLIB3I7TLVQB928d894ba73”


“error”: {

“code”: “ApplicationResultException”,

“message”: "You use ‘Documents’ API key. It is not valid for SharePoint connector. Use ‘SharePoint - Custom credentials’ or ‘SharePoint - App auth’ keys instead. Review this
instruction for more information: https://plumsail.com/docs/actions/v1.x/getting-started/sign-up.html.",

“date”: “2018-11-16T12:05:00.5467001Z”



When i create an API key the type remains blank even if i select App or credential type, im not sure if this is related to the issue…

What causes this error and how do i fix it?

Hello @testingtesting

Please share with me the ‘username’ on plumsail.com. You can send me a direct message with this information. After that, I’ll check what’s happening with the user in our database and advise on the matter.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail Team