Attachments (Common Fields)

I am trying to learn what the Attachments (Common Fields) does.

This is not the Attachments (SharePoint Field) control.

The Attachments (Common Fields) has an AllowedExtensions property that looks very useful. It also seems to upload the attachment right away but I have no idea where it is sending the files.

When and how do I use the Attachments (Common Fields)?

Hello @smithme,

The Attachments from common fields can be used like any other field form the Common section. You can get its value with JS or process the attachments in MS Flow, etc.

You can see the attached file URL with this code:


The Attachments (Common Fields) upload files to our servers. The storage is limited by the user plan. By default, it is 100Mb.

You also might be interested in this post, regarding attachment extensions:

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So the way I would want to use this is:

  1. Upload the attachment to Plumsail server
  2. Copy the attachment from Plumsail server into SharePoint
  3. Write the url of the attachment (on SharePoint) to a Picture field in the list item
  4. Delete the copy of the attachment from Plumsail server

Since I don't see any connectors in MS Flows that would let me connect to Plumsail file servers or copy files from one url to another, I don't see a way to do what I want.

What exactly can I do with MS Flow to process the attachments?


Please see instructions about how to use Microsoft Flow corrector in the flow in 'Send a notification by e-mail' article.

Please follow the steps from the article to create the Flow. The action, which will get the file path from the Plumsail Storage and create the file in the SharePoint Document Library, is the following.

Then you can use the path of the newly created file further in the flow actions.

There is no way to delete the file from the Plumsail Storage via the Flow. Free storage is 100 MB. It is cleaned monthly and cannot be cleaned manually. Once the storage limit is reached, new files can't be uploaded.

You can find more information about Plumsail Plans here.

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