Attachments not saved in Plumsail Forms

Dear Plumsail Team,

Since a few days attachments won´t be saved and added to the Sharepoint Online Lists anymore when uploaded via Plumsail Forms. This worked fine previously and now occurs accross all Sharepoint Sites/Plumsail Forms simultaneously.

Thanks in advance,

Hello @MarcelD,

There are two attachment fields available in Plumsail Forms and it might be confusing. One is under the SharePoint fields, and the other is under the Common fields group.

Please make sure that you use a field from the SharePoint field group in your form.


If you are using the correct field, please check if you have any error in the console (F12) when attaching the file or saving the item. Please send the screenshot.

Hello @mnikitina,

Thank you for your promtly reply. I am using the correct Attachments field from the Sharepoint Field and until Wednesday evening the upload worked fine. We do not have any Error messages indicating to the issue in the console and therefore, assume a Sharepoint Online issue.


Please try to completely clear the cache and see if the attached files are saved.

You can also test it in the incognito browser session.


Attachments are working again. Thank you

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