Auto Generate Daily ticket

Hi There, With the Sharepoint Online helpdesk tool is it possible to have a daily auto generated ticket for things like daily backup checks?

Hi @somv,
Yes, you can easily set this up!
I can think of two ways to achieve this:

  1. First, is the routine is the same every day, chances are that you don't want to actually create a new ticket every day, but may wish to just reopen an existing one. This can easily be set up with the HelpDesk Scheduler tool. Just create a new daily task and change the status of any given ticket from "Solved" to "In progress", like this:

  2. However, if you still wish to create a new ticket each day, the set up will be a bit longer, but still simple enough. You can use the Power Automate, a Microsoft automation tool. HelpDesk has a connector to easily set up any Power Automate action.
    Just create a new recurrent daily workflow and add a single "Create Ticket" action, like this:

Please let me know if any of these solutions works for you!

hi @v.uspenskii Thank you very much open 2 was what i was going for worked like a charm