Auto-populate field in List of Library control

I have a parent form that is capturing EmployeeName, and a List of Library control (child form) that also has an EmployeeName field.

When "+Add new item" button is pressed on the child form, is it possible to auto populate its EmployeeName field with the one entered on the parent EmployeeName field?

Thank you!

Hello @ParAvion,

You can pass values from the parent item to the child item that opens in the dialog window.

Please see this article for the instructions:

Thank you. Is there a way to achieve this with an inline List of Library control? The instructions only work with Dialog.


Currently, it is not possible in inline mode.

But you can update related items with the required values ​​on form submission. Please find the example with similar functionality in this article:

Now you can manipulate fields within List or Library control in Inline editing mode:

  • populate fields of a new row;
  • populating fields based on other fields in List or Library control;
  • Filtering lookup fields in List or Library control

Please find more details and instructions in the article here.