Backup the HelpDesk


how can i Backup my HelpDesk environment, If something happens to my environment i want do reinstall my backup on the original site. I know i have to install the HD first, but can i simply import my lists and all the additional colums (approx. 50) with the same name again?

2nd question is:
Can i Export my config toi another site to make this site a Dev-Environment with the same lists? Like a exact copy?


Hi @DanielB ,
currently, HelpDesk does not have the backup functionality. However, you can export the list of your tickets and comments with some standard SharePoint exporting functionality (for example, export to Excel).
You can export some of the configs, however, this might be a little bit tricky. For example, you can export the trigger settings, the ticket statuses, etc, here's a screenshot of all the lists in HelpDesk:

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