Barcode on Public Forms


I have a request to create a Barcode once the form has been submitted. Could you please let me know if the public form has this capability? If not, would this be able to be included with paid support?



Hello @adasilva,

No, Plumsail Forms doesn’t have this functionality.

What should be coded in the barcode?

Some field information from the form. i.e. First and Last Name, created date/time, etc...

Would this be something that could be included with paid support?


Could you please describe the whole process in detail.

How do you plan to use the barcode?
Do you need to process it somehow - send by email, add to a Word or PDF document, use in the MS Flow?
How should it be presented - as an image?

We have a form that company staff will start using for self screening. They answer Yes/No questions and at the end they get an Access Denied or Granted message that is displayed using a disabled single line field.

What we would like to do if possible is to display a barcode on the form after submission containing information from the submitted form. If not possible on the form, we would like to use Flow and add it to a PDF that we would send through SMS.

The idea is that users would use the barcode to scan it at the door and it would allow them entry into the building if the barcode says they have access.

Hello @adasilva,

Yes, we can offer paid support for adding a feature that generates barcode dynamically based on certain field values. After submitting the form, the barcode will be added to the submitted data as an SVG image and then can be used in flow for adding the barcode to emails or documents.

Please contact us via [email protected]