Best practise for issues that are relevant for many users?


We wonder if someone has suggestions for how to handle responses to issues that many users are likely to experience?

An example to explain better: :slight_smile:

"The printer on 7th floor is not working and there is a message saying toner empty"

We understand that this is a problem for all users on 7th floor so we would like to respond to them all and not only the one that reported the problem (as we then would expect nearly everyone on 7th floor will send in the same ticket). :slight_smile:

Any creative suggestions out there? :slight_smile:



I would advise you the following approach.

  1. Create a Mail-enabled security group in Microsoft 365 admin centre:

  1. Allow to receive messages from external addresses:

  1. Go to Exchange admin centre:

  1. Add members to it:

  1. Create a contact in the HelpDesk Contacts list associated with the group:

  1. Add the contact to CC of the ticket:


All members of the group will receive notifications about new comments on the ticket.

Ah, great idea! :slight_smile: We already have groups for a lot of different purposes so we can probably even manage with what we already have. :wink:

And this is of cause a good method if it's just a handful of users that needs to be informed as well.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: