Bulk add contacts?

How can I bulk add contacts? I’ve got a bunch to add and they’re all SharePoint users already.


Thank you for your question.

The last version (1.2.7) creates contacts automatically when:

  • User opens the help desk for the first time
  • User sends an email to help desk

Thus, in most cases you don’t need to add contacts manually.

There is no ready to use solution to bulk add contacts yet, but the next version of the help desk will have a tool to do it. It is in our roadmap. I can’ provide you exact due date, but it will be within about 1 - 1.5 months.

For now, if you have PowerShell skills, you can write your own script for bulk contacts creation. As contacts list is just SharePoint list, you can add new items programmatically using SharePoint API.

If you don’t have PowerShell skills and can’t wait for the next release, request our paid support. Just send a message to [email protected] to request estimation.

Any upate on this 3 year old promise??? (-;

I was under the impression i could just type the email of any user in our organization to resolve them and add them as a requester. Turns out it doesn't work that way unfortunately...

Why? To manually create a ticket when a user calls or walks into the office...

Or do I have to create a Flow to do this???

Get users from Azure AD
Is email in contacts list? Yes - End
No - Add

Hello, @ErikvdNeut

Much changed since that time and now it's easier to synchronise users via Flow as you mentioned (I shall prepare a configuration for you). But I haven't got your current difficulty with manual creation of contacts. It's a bit more complex but still is not big deal.

  1. Type in an E-mail. In this case a contact is not found. Copy the E-mail.

  2. Click "Add new" link under the field.

  3. Enter name, select a role ("End-User") and paste the copied address.

  4. Save the form and the newly created contact is already set as a requester.

Hello, @ErikvdNeut

To add a bulk of contacts, you can configure a flow like following.

  1. Set a schedule to repeat it (or any other trigger that suits you):

  2. Search Office 365 users. If you don't specify any terms, it will return all users you have:

  3. Use HelpDesk action to create a contact. Pass user data to it and update a contact if it already exists.

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Addition to the previous post: if you leave "Top" property equal to 0, the action will return only first 100 users. If it's necessary to return more user profiles, try to specify a number which is greater than the number of users (e.g. 1000) - most likely it will help.

Another addition: the Office 365 action can return not more than 999 users.

Nice, more elegant than the Flow I already created based on membership of a group (-:

I used Sharepoint 'add item', should have looked into your connector.

My flow actually checks if the email is in the contacts first and only adds the user if there is an email address and it is not in the list.

Thanks @Evgeniy

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The flow option "Search for Users" is now V2 and returns this error:

" ExpressionEvaluationFailed . The execution of template action 'Apply_to_each' failed: the result of the evaluation of 'foreach' expression '@outputs('Search_for_users_(V2)')?['body']' is of type 'Object'. The result must be a valid array."

How do I update the PlumSail HelpDesk Contacts list now?

Nevermind; newer "Search for Users V2" means "Apply_to_each" needs "Value" selected not "Body". Which it defaults to, I just helpfully changed it to what was documented, which broke it.

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Hello! Thank you for sharing the solution.