Calculate Number Filds

Hello All,

I've created a form that has few Number fields and I'd like to create a sum of all those fields, how can I do that?
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Dear @edson.paula,
Hello! You can refer to this article for examples - Work with fields using JS on Plumsail Forms for SharePoint — SharePoint forms

In your case, you'll just need a few adjustments to calculate value for multiple fields, like this:

fd.spRendered(function() {

    function calculateTotal() {
        fd.field('Total').value = fd.field('Field1').value +  fd.field('Field2').value +  fd.field('Field3').value

    // Calling calculateTotal when Field1 value changes

    // Calling calculateTotal when Field2 value changes

    // Calling calculateTotal when Field3 value changes

    // Calling calculateTotal on form loading