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Hi Team,

I have a Table with multiple number columns. I am keen to create a column called 'total' that simply sums up the number columns and provides the total dynamically. How can I achieve this?

I have 5 number columns each called Criteria 1,2,3,4,5 (i.e Criteria 1) (Criteria 2). I also already created a total column.

Seperate to this. I have a unique situation in which the Hiring Manager and 2 Panel Members are editing the same table. The Hiring Manager has their own form set and the 2 Panel members have another form set. Is there a way to customise the Table that is being edited to split a column into 3. For example: For the Column Criteria 1 (split it into HM, PM1, PM2). I want to be able to allow all three to add their scores without overriding each other and without creating 15 different columns.

The alternative is to create Hiring Manager Criteria Columns and Panel Member Criteria Columns. Happy to hear thoughts on best coure of action. Image below.

Thank you.

Hello @mhannaway,

Please see Calculate total for a row and the whole table article for the code sample.

As you already have form set for each role, you can use the same column and hide specific columns using CSS:

/* hide the third column */
.fd-datatable table tr th:nth-child(2),
.fd-datatable table tr td:nth-child(2)
{ display: none; }
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Thank you as always :slight_smile:

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