Can I change the field that opens Form Panel?

Hello! Is it possible to change the List field that opens the form panel?

Currently there is only one column that makes the form panel slide out. I'd to reorder my list columns and change Plumsail to open the form when a different column's field is clicked.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hello @LMonty,

The Title field is used for opening form panel. You cannot use other fields for opening the form panel. You can reorder fields and put the Title to another place.

I appreciate your reply! Do you know if there is a way to change the Title field?

For this SharePoint List, I imported an Excel spreadsheet and changed the name of the Title field because I didn't understand SP Lists yet. The data that is in the renamed Title column doesn't actually make sense as the Title.

I'd like to reset a different column to be the "Title."

Hello @LMonty,

I can only suggest moving the content to other column.

If that is not an option, please contact Microsoft SharePoint support for further assistance.

@LMonty, I use JSON column formatting to do things like this. You can override any column with your own formatting, including images and text whose click action opens the side panel like this.

"customRowAction": {
"action": "editProps"

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