Can we have any control on updates installation?

Hello @community,
I want to know when you update your product where I can see new features and changes?
Also, how can I control on an update, like if I don't want to use the latest because it brakes my functionality?
Like before the latest update, I was written code to hide some button in the document library list or library control. but after the latest update it was completely changed the index number of that buttons. please see the old buttons index here.

But the solution that i deploy in-app catalog is same as before, i can see changes without update it.
Same way after new update i can see one new refresh button in list or library control. what is i don't want in my forms?

As per old button index in list or library control there is chnges in sequnace number.

1> New Indexes.

2>Old Indexes.

Please let me know how can i control over updates.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @harshp924,

We are constantly improving Plumsail Forms, and we suggest using the latest updates for a proper work of forms.

You can find the versioning history of Plumsail Forms for SharePoint Online here.

Regarding the index of the button, we've published the update related to List or Library control that allows creating the new document from the control directly. That is why the index of the button has changed.

You can either update the code with a new index of the buttons or change the code to hide them by the icon type using this code:

    if(button.icon == "Upload") {
        button.visible = false

Hello @mnikitina,
Thanks for your response,
Its good to know that you are constantly working on the new thing,
but what if your new update brack my existing working behavior? (same as the above case)
new update always helps only when we are in the development phase, once we published it we don't have any control over the update right? Please provide it if it is possible.
I don't update the package in app catalog still, i can see new changes, can you tell me how new updates work?
and how can I revert to last major published version (1.6.0)?
I already fix the above issue by code as of now, but I think in future updates something else can also break the existing system. That's why I eagerly need to know about control on updates.

I hope you get my point.
Thanks, have a nice day ahead....!

Hello @harshp924,

I'm sorry that our latest updates influenced your production environment.

The app package usually requires updates only when we're rolling out breaking changes. Plumsail Forms are getting scripts from our server, so you will see some updates even if you are using previous versions of the app package and desktop application.

As for the custom code, we suggest using a universal custom code. For instance, in your case, hide buttons based on their icons instead of indices.