Cannot find root item with ID Please ensure that you specified correct configuration in the configuration wizard

I am experiencing a problem with 1 staff member not showing up in the Org Chart, and we receive the message Cannot find root item with ID. The org chart is configured with User Profiles as the data source. There are staff below and above this staff member that show up but you cannot display this staff member. I have checked and there are no filter rules and it is a standard install from what I can see.

Hi @dibleyrich!
I'm going to ask you to kindly clarify the case:

  1. First of all, let's rule out the SharePoint synchronization problem. Can you, please, share a screenshot of this user's SP profile (not the Delve one). You can access it with the SharePoint admin center (More Features -> User profiles -> Manage User profiles), it should look somewhat like this:

Please, make sure all the info is there and is correct (including the person's Manager field). Sometimes, SP profiles don't get synced with AD in time and it affects the data that the Org Chart can access.

  1. You've mentioned that some staff members below this person show up in the Org Chart. Can you clarify this bit? Do they show up when the root item ID is set to some of this person's reports or do they show up in the default Org Chart? Can you share some screenshots of your Chart with us that can show where the missing person should be and the people above and below? Of course, you may remove all the sensitive and/or personal info.

  2. Please check if you have some custom JS or CSS settings in your Configuration Wizard.

Thank you!

Hi, I have uploaded a screen shot of the person in questions user profile. All the Active Directory information sync's across for all staff, and I have to add the mobile phone number and company field manually as we do not use Exchange in the cloud at the moment.
With regards to the staff member below the one generating the error, I can see them on the org chart if I go to their profile and open the org chart, however I cannot go up the heirachy. I see the error when I try to do this.
Here are the JS settings
renderer.onBoxRendered(function(event, box, itemData){
//Box rendered event

renderer.onTooltipRendered(function(event, tooltip, itemData){
//Tooltip rendered event

renderer.onSearchResultRendered(function(event, searchResult, itemData){
//Search result rendered event

var boxId = GetUrlKeyValue("boxID");

//if there is boxID in URL
if(boxId) {

//Skip initiall node rendering
renderer.config.renderInitialNode = false;

and here is the CSS settings

/Example: Change background color for all boxes/
.poch-web-part .pl-item .pl-item-template{
background-color: black;
border-color: black;

Hi @dibleyrich! The end of your JS looks a bit incomplete:

var boxId = GetUrlKeyValue("boxID");
if(boxId) {
//Skip initiall node rendering
renderer.config.renderInitialNode = false;

Are you sure it's all there is?
I can see that probably the setup idea was to get the user ID from the user page URL and set is as the root ID, but I don't see the rest of the code.

Can you, please try to do the following:

  1. Create an empty test page
  2. Add the Org Chart web part and configure it from scratch. All the Filtration, Custom JavaScript and Custom CSS tabs should stay default or empty.
  3. Please share the resulting Org Chart with me. Does the error persist?

If it does, please do the following in Filtration tab of the Configuration settings:
Set the person in question's SharePoint Account Name as the Root ID (for example, in my testing environment I will set i:0#.f|membership|[email protected] )
Doest the OrgChart render something in this case?


I did create a new org chart and with no filters and tested it successfully. Obviously the original org chart filter or script has a problem. I will revisit the original to see what i can do.

Thanks for you assistance.

Hi @dibleyrich,
I'm glad that you seem to find the root of the issue. Please contact us in case you have any trouble!