Cannot get scheduler working

I am trying to do something like the example here:'t%20replied%20in%20SharePoint%20help%20desk%20system.html

However, I cannot get it to work, although the condition is only 'Pending' tickets, it also includes tickets that are closed. I verfied by looking up the ticket numbers that the log shows, and there are also closed tickets. I also tried to use the the with a number but to no avail.

It keeps returning closed tickets also.

Testing is also very cumbersome as there is no 'run now' and sometimes the run once date is set a year in the future.


Ticket ID (a HelpDesk field) can mismatch with ID (a SharePoint field) of a ticket. Trigger and task logs contain the latter (not the former). Thus, could you ensure that among the selected tickets, there are closed ones? You can find ID in the URL of a ticket (the one which is copied when you click the "Copy link" button on ticket form).

Also, I would recommend you to use an "InternalStatus" property instead of "Status" one as it's mentioned here.

Regarding testing convenience, I will ask developers whether we can do here anything.

Ahaaaa, that is probably my mistake, the ticket number != the list item id. :grinning: The log shows the list item ID's. I'll work from that.

Thanks for the recommendation on the InternalStatus Property.

And it turned out, that there is a button for manual running a task. Live and learn...

:grinning::grinning::grinning: And a large button as well too! Never expected it to be a button.

Hi there!

I'm still working on this, and now from the Power Automate / Flow angle. I think I found a bug in the Plumsail Helpdesk connector that involves the same list item ID / ticket ID confusion.

I used the 'get tickets' action with an OData query to get a list of tickets that are pending for a certain period. Then I used the 'Get all comments for a ticket' action with the ticket ID from the get tickets action and it turns out it returns the comments from the ticket that has the LIST ITEM ID of the returned ticket ID...

An example ticket:

Last commenter:
Result from 'Get tickets' action:

Result from 'Get all comments' action:

But this result is from the following ticket:


As you can see the Get all comments action returns the comments for a ticket with the list item id instead of the ticket ID that is fed in the action, which is the correct Ticket ID.

I can work around it for now by getting the tickets with a sharepoint action and then feed the list item id in the get comments action. Idea is to notify the last commenter that the ticket is going to be closed.



Hello Erik,

indeed, the "Ticket ID" field confuses users, but the action returns not only a ticket ID, but also a list item ID:

I will pass information to developers so that they fix it.

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We will fix the inaccuracy but for now, we can't tell you any due date.

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