Can't Add Comment


Currently, we are having an issue regarding “Add reply” and “Add private note” function.
Even if I did “Add reply” or “Add private note”, it did not display on the ticket as shown below.

Product: 1.3.110 on-prem

Hello, @aplaxas

Could you try to restore default forms as it is described in this article? Then, please let me know whether it helps.

I will do and let you know result...
Thanks a lot.

Hiya @e.evseychik

We are having a similar problem, we have restored the default form for the display and these buttons
image do not do anything, the buttons work fine in the Edit view though.

We are using the SharePoint online version:

Please help!

Unfortunately, it is not solving this issue.

Please try to clear browser cache and check whether the issue persists: yesterday, we released a fix that should solve the problem.

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thanks @e.evseychik we can confirm that they fix is working!

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I found some wired when user edit a ticket

a) normal user using this edit form -> No problem.

b) one user use this edit form -> can't save.

Hello, @aplaxas

Could you clear browser cache for that user and try to restore the edit and display forms as it is described in the instruction? If it doesn't help, please reproduce the issue and export browser console content to a text file and share it with me.