Can't Get Lookup Field Filter to Work

I have a list of Providers:

The "Provider" field is the Title field.

Then I have a Tickets Category field:

The "Provider" field is a lookup to the "Providers" list. The "Category" field is the Title field.

The "Tickets" list has a "Provider" field and a "Ticket Category" field.

I setup the "Ticket Category" field to be filtered by the Provider field. I think it is all setup correctly, but the filter isn't work.
Screenshot 2021-02-19 092828

Any hints?

Dear @smithme,
What do you mean by not work? Does it return all values? No values? Any errors in browser's console.

No errors in the console.
It returns all of the values.

Dear @smithme,
Could you open your form in a browser like Chrome, open dev tools -> Sources, and show me a screenshot of versions for web part and widget:

I does appear I have an older version than you:

Screenshot 2021-02-22 100854

What do I need to do to upgrade?

Dear @smithme,
Please, follow instruction here - Update the app package for Plumsail Forms (SharePoint Online) — Forms 1.0 documentation

That fixed it. Thank you!

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