Change css datatable from horizontal to vertical

I want to change the layout of datatable.
I've the 2 last column that I want to visualize vertical instead of horizontal, and i want to wrap text of the colums.

Ex .
a b c d e f

row1 new:
a b c

Any solution ?


Dear @ycervoni ,
Welcome to the community! That's an interesting request, not sure if CSS alone would be enough here. Can you show me some picture as well, so I can get a better understanding of what is required and how it looks in other tables?

Hi, thanks for the reply.
The header is in Italian.

Can you help me ?

Dear @ycervoni,
Definitely not something supported out of the box... Hmm, our control is based on Kendo Grid, they have a somewhat similar case here, with another table inside of an existing one - Detail template in jQuery Grid Widget Demo | Kendo UI for jQuery

It might be possible to modify DataTable to include columns like this, but it would be quite a complex endeavor and I'm not sure if the data will be submitted properly with the form or not.

Great link!
I try it