Change Field Radio Icons


Is it possible to change the field radio icons? I don't like the default ones.

Is there a library or some sort/can I create something custom?



Hello @DryChips,

You can use the default Kendo icons or load any set of icons to the form.

You can find the example of how to load Google icons here:

To replace icons, use CSS. For instance, to replace the default calendar icon with another one:

span.k-icon.k-i-calendar::before {
   content: '\e63f'; 

Also, you can change the styling of the icon the same way you do for the text. For instance, make calendar icon blue:

span.k-icon.k-i-calendar {
    color: blue;
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Awesome! That's fine.

So, to import the google font/icon library,

I would place this code inside the JS Editor in Plumsail:

var imported = document.createElement('link');
imported.href = "" //for example
imported.rel = "stylesheet"

Then find the icon I like and place the Unicode into the CSS code you kindly provided?


You can load stylesheet using HTML control:

Yes, that is correct!

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Awesome! I actually wanted to avoid importing it via HTML. I prefer placing the code inside the JS Editor, instead of having it on the designer.