Change Permissions succeeding but not working


My setup in this situation is 3 flows:

  1. A main flow that does some things and then calls (in order) the following two flows

  1. When an HTTP Request is received - Remove all permissions

  1. When an HTTP Request is received - Grant permission

All of these are running and "succeeding" but Grant Permissions (Flow 3) is not actually granting permissions. If I resubmit flow #3 manually after the fact, it functions correctly.

What am I missing here?


Hello, @kiwi

Could you provide screenshots of all your flows with opened properties so I could reproduce the issue?


Added screenshots. Hopefully that is enough detail.


Looks like reproducing can take a while... Sorry for not mentioning it at the beginning. Could you also provide the action input and output of ostensibly and actually successful runs both to compare?

Just a guess, what if to use an intermediate action: for example, to parse the retrieved data as JSON and to use its properties in the "Change SharePoint permissions" actions - does it change anything?


Sorry - it wouldn't let me add more screenshots to the original post. Not quite sure I understand which inputs you're looking for, but this is what is in the HTTP trigger of the Grant Permissions flow (the remove permissions is similar):

    "properties": {
        "id": {
            "type": "string"
        "listname": {
            "type": "string"
        "siteurl": {
            "type": "string"
        "users": {
            "type": "string"
        "level": {
            "type": "string"
    "type": "object"

And then I parse out the ID in JSON to use in the actions screenshot above. Like I said, it works just fine running manually using the inputs from the previous run that "failed".


Please, open the "failed" run and expand the "Change SharePoint permissions" action. Inside, you will see the "Inputs" block - share it.

Could you also tell us date and time of one of the "failed" runs? We shall try to find something suspicious in logs. It would be great if at least 10 minutes before and after there would be no other runs.


See below. I'm noticing already that mine doesn't have inputs past "Body" like yours does?

This flow ran 9/12/2019 10:07:11 AM.