Changing Document Content Types


I have a form for a document content type.
It includes the Content Type field, where I want people to be able to change to another content type.

The issue is that when this field is changed the user is rerouted to a default (non plumsail form) and the content type is unchanged.

A possible solution I tried was changing the content type on button click. Same result, but I'm open to code suggestions to get this button to work..?

Is there a way to change the content type and have the plumsail edit form of the new content type load?

Dear @AdamSmith,
Have you customized the form for another Content Type in the editor? You can switch between Content Types in the upper right corner:

Hi Nikita,

Yes each content type has a custom form.
Also for each new, edit, and display.


Dear @AdamSmith,
In this case, the form should automatically switch to the one designed for the Content type. Can you open the form for the different Content type from the List View? Also, what's the version of the app package in App Catalog? You might need to update to the latest version - Update the app package for Plumsail Forms (SharePoint Online) — SharePoint forms

@Nikita_Kurguzov, The app was one version behind and I could open the customised form from each content type, it was switching while in a form when the redirection occurred.

I believe I resolved the issue by making the content type read only, waiting some time, and then setting it back to editable.
The ole' turn it off and on again.
I am guessing the content type was read only, but not showing it properly in the UI.
After this it is working, suggesting it was...

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