Changing the duplication error message to arabic

Hello again
i used this script below to change the form buttons and error to Arabic :

fd.created(function () {
fd._vue.lang.PlumsailForm_CorrectErrors = “الرجاء التأكد من الأخطاء التاليّة:”;
fd._vue.lang.PlumsailForm_Submission_Success = “لقد تم حفظ هذا الملف بنجاح.”;
fd._vue.lang.SPFormToolbar_Save = “حفظ”;
fd._vue.lang.SPFormToolbar_Close = “إغلاق”;
//End of Created

fd.beforeCreate(function(options) {options.provide.lang.RequiredValidator_Error = “معلومات غير مكتملة! حقل إلزامي” });

what about:
This value already exists in the list.

how to change it as well thank you

Dear Georges,

We are working on your issue.

Dear Georges,

This is a SharePoint message and should be translated automatically into the currently selected language: Site Settings -> Language Settings

:+1: thank you @Nikita_Kurguzov resolve it as i need to create my own message.

    options.provide.lang.RequiredValidator_Error = "معلومات غير مكتملة! حقل إلزامي" ;

thank you guys respect.

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