Checkboxes for a Microsoft Forms populating a Word template


I am attempting to use Plumsail and PowerAutomate to make a Microsoft Forms form autopopulate a Word template. I'm great with blanks, I have those populating. My issue is with checkboxes. How would I translate checkboxes from a Microsoft Forms page to filling in checkboxes on my Word template?

Hello, @Joseph.Yates,

Unfortunately, it's not possible to control the checkboxes in a word template but it's possible for PDF templates. Please check out the guide about PDF templates.

Alrternatively, you can use a workaround like this:

You can apply styles to a token itself. If you pass a value for the accordant property, the token will be replaced by the value and all styles will be saved. But if there is no value to replace the token, then it's just removed, i.e. the part of text with a certain style doesn't exist any more. Use two tokens for the same part of text that have different styles, to apply one style and ignore another one, you just pass value in an accordant property of the JSON file.

For example, you have the following template:

In this case, the result file will have coloured "Yes" word:

And in this one, the "Yes" is not coloured:

Best regards,
Plumsail team

Thank you for the help! Is there any way you could repost the images? They're saying they've been removed or something.