Clicking on the save to pdf button does not work

I have a form that I would like to print pdfs from. When I click the pdf button, nothing happens. The form has an image and rich text. I use this option on another list with no problem, I'm not sure why it is not working on this list.
Any ideas?

Hello @Amys_Turtlgal,

Do you have any custom code in the form? Please comment it out and try to save the form as PDF file.

Hi there, I have no custom code

Hello @Amys_Turtlgal,

Please check if there are any errors related to print PDF function.

For this open the browser console (F12), click on the print PDF button and share the screenshot of errors and messages.

I reference an image in my form. It had an issue with the image, when removed, the print function worked.
Im not sure why the image causes a problem, I have it saved on the same site as the list. I have access to the image, it shows on the display/edit and new views of the form, but on the form tool it gives an error of Image failed to load


Could you please share more details so I could reproduce the issue.

How have you added the image to the form? Have you used Image control?

Where the image is stored? What is the image size and extension?

I changed the image to a smaller png file and now I can download the pdf.

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