Comment Person Pictures always gray

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Pictures of standard plumsail comments are always just grey placeholders. If I add a multiline text field with "append changes to existing text" enabled, the pictures just show up fine.

Any advice how to fix this?

Thank you!

Hello! Could you confirm that the following is your case (if not, please provide me with additional details and screenshots)?

  1. In the Contacts list, you set a picture for a contact and saved it:


  1. Then, you open a ticket on your HelpDesk site and see this placeholder instead of the set picture:


  1. But if you create a multi-line text field in the Tickets list (i.e. add a new column), it somehow affects the picture and make it appear, am I right? I think, I miss something...

Hi! Thank you for your answer!

  1. It seems like a new multiline text field uses the azure active directory synced pictures which would be our desired behavior - I overlooked the fact that pictures for plumsail comments are also stored within the contact list.

Is it possible to change the pictures for plumsail comments to azure active directory synced pictures?

Thank you!

Could you try the link below?

Please replace by a user ID from your environment (note that the "@" character is encoded to "%40") and use the link in a contact form on your HelpDesk:


Can confirm - thank you for the workaround!

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