Complete Single PDF form - JSON Schema

Hello everyone,

The PDF have the following fields.
First NameRow1,Last NameRow1
First NameRow1_2,LastName Row1_2
First NameRow1_3,LastName Row1_3
First NameRow1_4,LastName Row1_4
First NameRow1_5,LastName Row1_5

Trying to figure out how to complete the rest of AutoFill PDF Form.
Attached, is a sample content, schema and the output error.
Learning JSON, my apologize if I missing something.

As always, Thank you very much in advance.

Content.txt (191 Bytes) JSON_Schema.txt (119 Bytes) OUTPUTS_Errors.txt (341 Bytes)

Hello @oscarf,

I replied in the support ticket SP20473, please reply there as well

Plumsail team

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Thank you and will do :slight_smile:

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