Convert HTML to PDF

I have a workflow that is modeled on this article. The PDF is not generating - logs show that the Dictionary is building, the Template is rendering, but the workflow does not get past the PDF conversion step. I suspect that I have an error in the last parameter (Title,Url,Guid). I would like the documents to save in a document library that is on the same site as the list that this workflow is built on. I have tried entering the full URL of that Doc Library as well as just the name of the document library.

I am not getting any errors, the workflow just does not progress past this step.

Hi Shelly,

Could you please add log to history workflow action after each step to detect on which workflow it stops.

PS: The same issue is very often occurs when you try to log big data via Log to History workflow action.

I have Log to History after each action and the message is just a 1-2 word description of the last action.The workflow makes it past the “Render Text Template” action and does not complete the “Convert HTML to PDF” Action.


Sorry for delay with answer, please write me at [email protected]
We can schedule screen sharing session to solve the issue.


I have exactly the same problem. The pdf never generates and don’t end up in the target library.
If I put in a “send mail” action with the same variable, the html content in the mail looks good.


Please write me directly to [email protected], I think we can setup screen sharing session to solve the issue.