Copy list item and save as new item of another list library (no workflow)

Hi, I'm currently looking for possible solution to copy list item of LIST A and able to paste into LIST B as a new item created without fill up one item per item because possibility of having more than 50 items at once.

LIST A: lookup based on PIC filtered
LIST B: new list to store all related items of LIST A result with additional fields to be fill up.

I know we can copy this item via workflow but I need this copy and paste feature during form loads due to additional fields to be fill up after that.

Please advice how to achieve this?

Hello @noorshahida88,

You can create new items with PNP. Please see a pretty good example in this post:

If you want to create new items after a new item created, you need to use the code from the example under the spSaved() event handler.

Please find more information about Event handlers here: