Copy text from disabled field

Good day !
i have some fields , on different status disabled by code - fd.field('fieldName').disabled=true
How can i copy text from this field ? There are some multiple line , and plain text. for now i can't select text from such field.

Dear @ixxxl,
You should still be able to get value with fd.field('fieldName').value, even after it has been disabled:

Where do you want to copy it?

some users would like to save some fields(comments) - and to send them by email. they want with mouse to select field , and paste it in another place , not form ..

Dear @ixxxl,
There are a couple of ways it can be done, but the easiest would be to copy the text value to a Plain Text control, and hide the field.

You can first hide Plain text control like this:


And then show it like this:

fd.control('Text').text = fd.field('MultipleLines').value;