Create a form to Set Cookies in SharePoint

Hi Community,

I have a requirement to Get/Set cookies for our SharePoint site. I'm thinking of pitching the idea to my seniors to deploy PlumSail forms to set cookies for the SharePoint site.

Is this something that is feasible?

Many thanks!!

Hello @DryChips,

Not sure I understand your request. Why do you need to get/set SharePoint cookies? What is the use case?

Sure, I'll elaborate.

We have a SharePoint site which hosts numerous report builder reports. The report builder reports located inside the site have a parameters pane which users can interact with and generate their own reports based on some drop-downs (Staff Group), (Hospitals).

My idea is to add a small Plumsail form in the home page and allow users to enter their preferences, say "Nursing & Midwif" for Staff Group and "West Hospital" as Hospital.

Based on selection they made, I want to store this information in the browser and auto-populate these selections in the parameters pane all over the site. This will add a better user-experience as they won't need to manually select their preferences every single time they interact with the site.


You can save user preferences to local storage and then use it to build the report. Please find more information about the local storage object here.

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So I see.... Thank you for the link!

Would you say, it is possible to use a Plumsail form to capture information and store this in the local storage object?

Hello @DryChips,

Yes. Simply store the form values in local storage when user clicks the button, instead of submitting the form.