Create docx from template


I trying to create a docx from a template with Flow. I have a multiple line text column that I need to show this way in the DOCX


But when I open the document created in Word, shows me the lines in this way

line1 line2 line3

I try with \n \n ^p ^13 but nothing works.

Sorry my English, it’s not my first language


Hello Nicolas,

Thank you for the question, we are researching the issue. I will let you know about the result on Monday.



Unfortunately, currently you cannot do this, but we plan to boost template engine in a few weeks. I will post the update here when the patch will be ready.


Hi Roman,

Thanks for your help


Hi Roman,

I see this as an essential feature of DOCX to PDF being able to create tables/lists.

Without this I don’t see much use in the product.

Can you supply an update to this ticket as I have a current need for this and do not want to go down the path of purchasing credits if this feature is not supported.



Hi @jmartin,

Support of tables and lists is not supported in Plumsail Actions. We are going to implement it yet, but we can’t provide you any due dates yet.

But you can use very powerful alternative approach. You can create PDF from HTML template. You can create HTML of any complexity with tables and lists and then convert HTML to PDF.

Please review this example of Microsoft Flow.

And this is HTML template syntax.

HTML template syntax has a lot of features. Anyway, even if it is not enough, it even evaluates JavaScript code in HTML before conversion. Thus, you can implement really complex documents with quite dynamic content.



Sadly I’m not very happy with the missing support in DOCX templates for lists, nor with the “powerful” HTML-template functionality.

I guess the HTML template functionality works fine for single pages, but for more advanced documents that span multiple pages there seems to be som missing functionality:

  • The conversion doesn’t support CSS print rules, such as page-break
  • The conversion doesn’t support @page in CSS, thus making it impossible for us to have page headers/footers and page numbers.

Any input on this?


Hello @mjol, thank you for your message.

Could you please share your case with us?
A screenshot of your flow would be good.
If there is a confidential information you can send it to me via PM.



Well, I don’t think the issue has much to do with my flow, but rather the HTML and what’s supported / not supported in the HTML generation.
I’m using the Convert HTML to PDF action, using a HTML template that spans mulitple pages.
Ideally I would like to have a header and a footer on each page, with the header containing our company logo, and the footer containing (among other things) page numbers.

This can be accomplished using a print stylesheet in many cases - or in some HTML to PDF software, it can be defined as properties in the converter.

I can’t see any functionality for this in Plumsail actions.

Also, the converter doesn’t seem to support/respect pagebreak rules in CSS, such as:
.myRule{page-break-inside: avoid;}

I guess I’m not the first of you customers with a requirement like this, so if it’s supported in any way, I’d be greatful for some input on how to accomplish the above.



We are using wkhtmltopdf in this action.
It actually supports page breaks, but it’s working differently in different cases.
So please visit these pages: GitHub question, StackOverflow, it might help you.

I think in your case you might try this possible solution:

Regarding headers and footers, wkhtml2pdf support this but we will need to modify our action.
It is on our roadmap but I can’t give you an estimated time when it will happen.

Another option would be to buy paid support to implement this right away, to know how much it would cost please contact [email protected]