Create list items consistently

Good day.
i have an list1. From this list on save i create some items in list2(some tasks).
List1 have a list and library control, where i can see the items from list2.
How can i create not all items at time, but create 1 item - when the status will be complete, to create second item, on complete third item, and so on..

Hello @ixxxl,

Which item status should change? The item status of the list1 or list2?

the item status in list2 (which are show in list and library control fd.field('Stare'))

Hello @ixxxl,

If the child item is opened in a dialog, you can create a new item by adding the code below to the child form.

fd.spBeforeSave(function(spForm) {
//code to create an item
return fd._vuew.$nextTick();

For inline editing mode it is more complicated, you can create a function that will check if the status of the child item has changed and call it at specified intervals using the setInterval() method.

i think i need some as a second variant: something with interval. all forms will be closed. Because the item in list2 user can proceed for several days, after he complete- put status=completed, and i want autocreating another new item in list2, to another persons..

ps. i was thinking about an workflow. such as wait until item status completed.. i don't know..


A user has to open the list2 item and change the status to 'Completed', thus you can add a code to create an item when the status is changed.

Using the workflow is an option too.

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thank you. i will try